Ateneo goes home.



UST breaks Ateneo’s 14 final four appearance-streak today. On the 18th day of September, year 2013. The Blue Eagles misses the trip to the final 4. With the loss of the likes of Justin Chua, Nico Salva, Greg Slaughter, and the coach who brought the 5-peat championship to the school, the honorable Coach Norman Black. 

I don’t think I’m gonna be able to eat for a week. A month. I don’t know, really. I feel so numb. It’s so hard seeing Von, Juami and Ryan cry. My boys. And I know, it’s even harder for Ryan Buenafe since he never lost a championship since his first year in high school. This guy is a legend. He’s one of Ateneo’s go-to guy. I feel sorry for them. Kiefer was injured by the start of season 76. They started the season with 3-straight losses. With Kiefer returning, they immediately catch up on the standings.


Just now, I saw a tweet saying, “Just accept the fact coach Black is the reason for the 5-peat. Not Kiefer.”

I have nothing against coach Norman Black. I salute him. But, we should also acknowledge Kiefer. The secret for the 5-peat wasn’t just coach Black or Kiefer alone. It was the both of them. The whole team. The togetherness. Kiefer may not score, but with his presence, the team would always, and I mean always wake up. You have no right to say Kiefer isn’t one of the main reasons of Ateneo’s dynasty. He has had a great career in Ateneo. He helped the team grab 2 crowns! 


One thing’s for sure, babawi ang Ateneo. Sa volleyball, sa football, babawi ang Ateneo community. For Juami. For Ryan. For all the graduating players. 


Win or lose, it’s the school we choose.

These guys will always be in my heart. Thank you, Juan Miguel and Ryan.


We are proud of you. I will always be your number 1 supporter!


A photo of Kiefer on his rookie year.




Here’s to the Blue Eagles of season 76



To the team who lost 3 consecutive games.


As the commentators would say, “0-3? The last time it happened was on 1991!”


Kiefer returned. He made a comeback. But that’s not it, yet.


A lot of the Eagles got injured. But it never kept them from flying high. It only made them temporarily flightless. They did their best to win games. But I think this team lacks confidence, perseverance and the heart to drive and push to win the game. 


People would tweet, “We still belive! One Big Fight, Kiefer will be back!”.

I also believe he will.


I believe that this team could make it to the final four. And even to the Finals if they could just give their 101% on each game. I believe that this team could do it. If they would just believe! They could be the team that won 5 consecutive championships. Losing Nico Salva, Greg Slaughter and Justin Chua… Well, that’g big. But not because they’re the Seniors who brought the team to its wins. But because they were the persons who motivated the team because they were the persons who had a lot of heart. Who had the courage and confidence that they could win those games. And they were those persons who were there not just to play for the school. They were there for one reason, and one reason only. To win.


I believe that this team also has that inner beasts in them. They could defeat anyone if they wanted to. 


In the first 3 games when Kiefer was still unable to play due to his 3rd-grade sprain, people thought they lost because the “Phenom” wasn’t there. No. They lost because they lacked the confidence. They’re thinking that without Kiefer, we can’t do it. He’s the King Eagle. He’s the man of the game. He’s the only one who can bring us to the championships. And they were wrong to think that way. Kiefer was called the Phenom because basketball is his passion. Since day 1, he had that spark in him. It’s because he believes in his self. He believes that with confidence, he can win this. He has the heart to drive to the finish and.. Win it. He knows he can do it. He never brings himself down. This team thinks that Kiefer is the only one strong enough to win those battles for them. Without trusting themselves, their just making their own battles.

And then Kiefer came back. They won.

And you know why? It’s not because Kiefer played extreme.

It’s because the team’s confidence came back. They thought that Kiefer brought them to their first win. Well, he did. Because of his presence, the team’s confidence boosted. That was the reason they won. 


In sports, it’s 99% Mental, 1% Physical. It’s just you.. And the ball.






I believe that with enough confidence and focus, the team could drive for six. 





Three-peat for the Lady Eagles




Rachel Anne Daquis and Alyssa Valdez in one team? 

That’s jaw-dropping news. And there’s more..


Jang Baulee, the league’s current best scorer, is going to play for Ateneo on the semis and finals (If Ateneo would get a slot)

The team has a 2-1 W/L standings as of the moment. They lost a 3-set game against the NU Lady Bulldogs and the energetic Myla Pablo, who obviously had an on game.

Not to mention Rubie De Leon’s luck that day. I’m not saying she’s not a talented setter, but that day was just a lucky day for the NU Squad.


Rachel had an off game. Their attacks were minimized. Even Valdez who is the UAAP reigning best scorer minimized her attack points to 7 and scored 1 block.


But Ateneo will be back with a vengeance. With the help of Jang Baulee and the rest of the squad. They will be back. Less errors, more attacks. And most importantly, they will obviously the amazing floor defense of Ateneo will be back.


One Big Fight! One Last battle to fight, Jem Ferrer and Fille Cainglet.



My love for Jeric Fortuna in one word? INTENSE!


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Yung feeling na, may GIFs sa twitter na nagsasabi si Forts ng “I miss you.” Tas ire-reblog mo at dadagdag ka ng, “I miss you too, baby ko. Kahit di pa tayo nagkikita.”

Ansakit sa heart. Quotang-quota na sya sa pagdudurog ng puso ko.

Nainlove ako dyan kasi sya yung tipong may respeto pero medyo bastos. Nakakatuwa kaya yun. Hindi boring!

Ewan ko, basta di ko ma explain bakit mahal ko yang si Forts. Ganon naman ang love eh. Hindi mo ma e-explain. Basta! Darating nalang yan. Tas mafe-feel mo.

Baka dahil sa nakakatunaw nyang ngiti? O baka sa mesmerizing eyes nya? Baka naman dahil sa sex appeal nya? Oo. Lahat yun, oo! Hahaha. Madami pa kaya. Nakakabaliw si Forts. Kung alam mo lang.

Shet. Wag kang kumalma, Best Player si Jeric sa game nila.

Masanay ka na. Jersey Number 1 si Forts sa San Mig. 😦

Di na kami same ng jersey number. Nako, baby ko. Next season sa league na yan, ipaglaban mo ang number natin ah! Iki-kiss kita pag di mo pinalitan.

Hindi yun threat, promise yun. Hahaha.

Fell inlove with USTe.


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I had numerous tumblr/wordpress entries about my love for De La Salle University and Ateneo de Manila University. But recently, I had been researching about UST and I’m starting to love the school. This morning, I saw Ma. Carmela Tunay’s tweet about her I opened it and read a few Q&As of her and anonymous people. 


People were asking her about the UST Campus, Environment, Volleyball program and all.. (Not to mention KF. You know what I mean, FaTunay shipper. *Wink wink*)

Na-excite ako sa UST. Parang ang ganda-ganda ng school. Sa pinagsasabi palang ni Mela.

I wasn’t quite contented of her answers so I researched about UST. 

From UST Froshies Tips to the Prof tips.


Nakakatuwa yung about sa payong na nawawala sa TYK, tapos pag nagreklamo ka sa guard, sasabihin, “Kumuha ka nalang dyan.” Tapos yung sa mga kainan. Pero may nakakatakot din kasi madami daw holdapers.


But, Alyssa Valdez (My loooove, kidding :P) and Kim Fajardo (Super greaaaat offensive-minded setter) is a product of UST. Their volleyball program is absolutely great. And obviously, maganda ang campus nila. Hay nako… Excited na ako mag-college! 🙂



Inspiring thousands of lives.. And counting.


The amazing, the one and only, the Phenom, Alyssa Valdez. The most influential person in my life.

She’s one of the (many) reasons why I continued pursuing volleyball. She became my inspiration on studying and working hard on training.

I told myself, “Kaya ko din yan! Pwede din akong maging kagaya ni Valdez. Magsisikap ako. Makakapag-aral din ako sa Ateneo at makakapaglaro para sa school na yan. Magiging kasing galing ko din sya. Hard work and determination, and a lot of discipline. Yun lang ang kailangan ko. Maabot ko din sya. Maabot ko din ang mga pangarap ko.”

It’s okay to be ambitious, but start working and stop dreaming.

Whenever I feel down like, “I can’t do this… Iba sya, iba ako. Si Valdez yan eh. Di ko naman kayang gawin yan.” I just think of Aiko Urdas. She started playing when she was already 14. But look at her now, she’s the reigning Rookie of the year.

You too, can be like her. You can be anyone as long as you dream big, have a lot of discpline and determination.

Remember, NO PAIN, NO GAIN.

And you can reach anything. Nothing is impossible. The word says it itself. I’M POSSIBLE.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. Malay mo, those risks would bring you to your dreams.

A tribute to the UAAP S75 Lady Eagles.


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A tribute to the best team Ateneo ever had.


It all started when the fab five entered Ateneo. They started to be part of the final four. And on season 74, everything changed when Alyssa Valdez came. Our Phenom, made an entrance to the team. As a rookie, she led the team, for the first time, to the finals. They fought an amazing battle against the defending champions, De La Salle University. Season 75 was the Fab five’s last year. The season where 19,000+ people watched their game on the second round. Never did a volleyball game seemed so important to be watched with that kind of crowd. The game were thrilling. They were those do-or-die matches. La Salle ended the season with a 2-0 series in the Finals.


They were the best Ateneo ever had because they were the batch who brought Ateneo to the finals. They were the batch who made volleyball this famous/popular.

They may not have exited as champions, but their legacy is greater than a championship.


I apologize for my bad English. I’m not that fluent.. right now. My vocabulary’s really bipolar. Sometimes I speak like a pro, then sometimes it’s like I don’t know how to speak English. 

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


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[Photo of Victonara Salas Galang, a product of Angeles University Foundation, serving in a UAAP match-up against University of Santo Tomas.]


I started training for volleyball at the age of 8. I stopped because of personal reasons. I continued when I was on 5th grade and for the second time in a row, stopped. But I’m destined to be a volleyball player. So, one way or another God made a way for me and volleyball to meet again.


I am now pursuing my volleyball dreams. Taking the sport seriously by training, and not giving up even if my body wants to give up already. Sore & strained muscles, sprained ankles, dislocated pinky and gigantic-sized bruises.


It’s God’s will for me to pursue volleyball.


Volleyball is my destiny.


You’re now wondering why I posted Ara Galang’s photo here?

My story is like hers. She stopped pursuing volleyball when she was in grade/high school. But it’s God’s will for her to pursue volleyball. 


It’s our destiny.

Volleyball is our destiny.