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A tribute to the best team Ateneo ever had.


It all started when the fab five entered Ateneo. They started to be part of the final four. And on season 74, everything changed when Alyssa Valdez came. Our Phenom, made an entrance to the team. As a rookie, she led the team, for the first time, to the finals. They fought an amazing battle against the defending champions, De La Salle University. Season 75 was the Fab five’s last year. The season where 19,000+ people watched their game on the second round. Never did a volleyball game seemed so important to be watched with that kind of crowd. The game were thrilling. They were those do-or-die matches. La Salle ended the season with a 2-0 series in the Finals.


They were the best Ateneo ever had because they were the batch who brought Ateneo to the finals. They were the batch who made volleyball this famous/popular.

They may not have exited as champions, but their legacy is greater than a championship.


I apologize for my bad English. I’m not that fluent.. right now. My vocabulary’s really bipolar. Sometimes I speak like a pro, then sometimes it’s like I don’t know how to speak English.