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[Photo of Victonara Salas Galang, a product of Angeles University Foundation, serving in a UAAP match-up against University of Santo Tomas.]


I started training for volleyball at the age of 8. I stopped because of personal reasons. I continued when I was on 5th grade and for the second time in a row, stopped. But I’m destined to be a volleyball player. So, one way or another God made a way for me and volleyball to meet again.


I am now pursuing my volleyball dreams. Taking the sport seriously by training, and not giving up even if my body wants to give up already. Sore & strained muscles, sprained ankles, dislocated pinky and gigantic-sized bruises.


It’s God’s will for me to pursue volleyball.


Volleyball is my destiny.


You’re now wondering why I posted Ara Galang’s photo here?

My story is like hers. She stopped pursuing volleyball when she was in grade/high school. But it’s God’s will for her to pursue volleyball. 


It’s our destiny.

Volleyball is our destiny.