To the team who lost 3 consecutive games.


As the commentators would say, “0-3? The last time it happened was on 1991!”


Kiefer returned. He made a comeback. But that’s not it, yet.


A lot of the Eagles got injured. But it never kept them from flying high. It only made them temporarily flightless. They did their best to win games. But I think this team lacks confidence, perseverance and the heart to drive and push to win the game. 


People would tweet, “We still belive! One Big Fight, Kiefer will be back!”.

I also believe he will.


I believe that this team could make it to the final four. And even to the Finals if they could just give their 101% on each game. I believe that this team could do it. If they would just believe! They could be the team that won 5 consecutive championships. Losing Nico Salva, Greg Slaughter and Justin Chua… Well, that’g big. But not because they’re the Seniors who brought the team to its wins. But because they were the persons who motivated the team because they were the persons who had a lot of heart. Who had the courage and confidence that they could win those games. And they were those persons who were there not just to play for the school. They were there for one reason, and one reason only. To win.


I believe that this team also has that inner beasts in them. They could defeat anyone if they wanted to. 


In the first 3 games when Kiefer was still unable to play due to his 3rd-grade sprain, people thought they lost because the “Phenom” wasn’t there. No. They lost because they lacked the confidence. They’re thinking that without Kiefer, we can’t do it. He’s the King Eagle. He’s the man of the game. He’s the only one who can bring us to the championships. And they were wrong to think that way. Kiefer was called the Phenom because basketball is his passion. Since day 1, he had that spark in him. It’s because he believes in his self. He believes that with confidence, he can win this. He has the heart to drive to the finish and.. Win it. He knows he can do it. He never brings himself down. This team thinks that Kiefer is the only one strong enough to win those battles for them. Without trusting themselves, their just making their own battles.

And then Kiefer came back. They won.

And you know why? It’s not because Kiefer played extreme.

It’s because the team’s confidence came back. They thought that Kiefer brought them to their first win. Well, he did. Because of his presence, the team’s confidence boosted. That was the reason they won. 


In sports, it’s 99% Mental, 1% Physical. It’s just you.. And the ball.






I believe that with enough confidence and focus, the team could drive for six.