UST breaks Ateneo’s 14 final four appearance-streak today. On the 18th day of September, year 2013. The Blue Eagles misses the trip to the final 4. With the loss of the likes of Justin Chua, Nico Salva, Greg Slaughter, and the coach who brought the 5-peat championship to the school, the honorable Coach Norman Black. 

I don’t think I’m gonna be able to eat for a week. A month. I don’t know, really. I feel so numb. It’s so hard seeing Von, Juami and Ryan cry. My boys. And I know, it’s even harder for Ryan Buenafe since he never lost a championship since his first year in high school. This guy is a legend. He’s one of Ateneo’s go-to guy. I feel sorry for them. Kiefer was injured by the start of season 76. They started the season with 3-straight losses. With Kiefer returning, they immediately catch up on the standings.


Just now, I saw a tweet saying, “Just accept the fact coach Black is the reason for the 5-peat. Not Kiefer.”

I have nothing against coach Norman Black. I salute him. But, we should also acknowledge Kiefer. The secret for the 5-peat wasn’t just coach Black or Kiefer alone. It was the both of them. The whole team. The togetherness. Kiefer may not score, but with his presence, the team would always, and I mean always wake up. You have no right to say Kiefer isn’t one of the main reasons of Ateneo’s dynasty. He has had a great career in Ateneo. He helped the team grab 2 crowns! 


One thing’s for sure, babawi ang Ateneo. Sa volleyball, sa football, babawi ang Ateneo community. For Juami. For Ryan. For all the graduating players. 


Win or lose, it’s the school we choose.

These guys will always be in my heart. Thank you, Juan Miguel and Ryan.


We are proud of you. I will always be your number 1 supporter!


A photo of Kiefer on his rookie year.